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A guide on Queens Beach

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, then you might want to try visiting Queens Beach. You can find everything you need to have a great day in the sand, including swimming, snorkeling, and sunsets.


If you’re visiting Hawaii, you might want to explore some of the great snorkeling spots that the islands have to offer. One of the best is Queens Beach. In addition to snorkeling, the beach offers showers, restrooms, and food stands. There are even picnic tables for relaxing.

Located in Waikiki, Queens Beach is one of the most accessible snorkeling spots on the island. The sandy bottom is perfect for beginner swimmers. Those with more experience can head to Coral Bay. Unlike the more tropical snorkeling spots in the south and west, this area is more protected during the winter.

Queens Beach is located in the Marine Life Conservation District, which was created to protect marine life in the Waikiki area. It’s also near the Waikiki Aquarium, so snorkeling here is a great way to see some of the fish that inhabit the reef.

Snorkeling at Queens Beach can be a little rough if the waves are high, but it is still a great spot for beginners and for those who want to see some coral. There are patches of coral, as well as plenty of tropical fish and other marine life.

Among other things, the oceanfront at Queens Beach is known for the rock wall where fish hide. There are also several restaurants and equipment rentals for snorkelers. However, the visibility is usually low. So it’s best to go when the waves are calm.

As for parking, there are plenty of spots available. You can also take the bus. However, you will have to pay $3 per person for a ride. To avoid the crowds, try to arrive early. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to park.

The area is very popular in summer, but it can get crowded. Visitors without resorts should try to arrive later in the afternoon. This allows you to avoid the crowds and find a more accessible spot for parking.

For more information, check out Oahu’s snorkeling guide, which has a number of pictures and rankings. There are also directions to several of the island’s snorkeling sites. Also, don’t forget to check out our Hawaii Snorkeling eBook, which has descriptions of the snorkeling sites on the main Hawaiian Islands.


Queens Beach, part of the Waikiki Marine Life Conservation District, is one of the best places in the world to swim. However, despite its cleanliness, you should be cautious.

If you’re going to visit, make sure you check the surf report before you get there. The ocean conditions can change without notice. There have been reports of people drowning, so it is important to have a good idea of what to expect.

When it comes to swimming, you’ll also want to make sure you use a reef-safe sunscreen. You’ll also want to wear a rashguard. This area is not known for its live coral reefs, but it does have fish and a rock wall that helps hide them from the incoming waves.

In general, swimming at Queens Beach is not dangerous if you are an experienced swimmer. But, if you aren’t, it’s not a place you should visit. It’s also possible to be caught in rip currents, and the waves can be powerful.

The dredged channel is a notable feature of this area. It’s eight feet deep and parallel to the beach, and it’s a great way to see the sea life.

While there are no sun loungers, there are restrooms and showers available, as well as a parking lot. During the summer months, there is a lifeguard station located nearby.

In addition, there is a natural tide pool at the far end of the beach. The area is named for its’smart’ feature. A waterfall gushes water over a lava rock wall to refresh the pool.

For a more detailed discussion, check out the Hawaii Snorkeling Guide eBook. The eBook includes descriptions of the main snorkeling spots on each island, and includes pictures and rankings of the most popular beaches. You’ll also find information on the Waikiki Aquarium, directions to the beach, and more.

One of the most important things to remember about Queens Beach is to keep an eye on the waves. Having a few meters of space between you and the incoming wave will help you avoid a nasty fall. Even a small wave can cause serious injuries, so it’s important to be careful.

Sunset on the Beach

Queens Beach has some of the most scenic shorelines in the world. The sand is clean and the view is breathtaking. It’s also a great place for water sports. As a matter of fact, it’s the most popular beach in Montenegro.

Getting to Queens Beach is easy by car, plane, or train. This is one of the best places for families on vacation. It’s not as busy as other parts of the island. It also gives you a little more privacy.

There are several spots that offer the best views of the sun setting. For instance, the Lanikai Pillbox hike is a fun walk. The sun sets behind the peaks of the island. It’s a good idea to go during a lull in the surf.

There are plenty of other places to watch the sunset, though. You can’t beat the view of Hanalei Bay. Normally, the bay is calm, but it’s still a beautiful backdrop. Another option is the Leahi Beach Park, which has plenty of shade and is oceanfront.

Of course, the best location to see a sunset is on the beach. Queens beach is a high-gauge beach. You can almost always find a decent spot to lay down your towel and relax. If you’re a fan of water sports, there are many beaches to choose from. Some of the best are Kapahulu, Kamehameha, and Leahi.

It’s no surprise that Queens Beach is a favorite amongst visitors. It offers the best shorelines in the country. Whether you want to relax or play, Queens Beach has something for you. Unlike other beaches, the sun doesn’t set in the middle of the day. In addition, the sunrise is spectacular.

The aforementioned Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian has the best sunsets. While you’re here, you can enjoy pupus, cocktails, and a full-on dinner. Also, don’t miss the Neoclassical War Memorial. Located in the Promenade, it’s definitely worth a visit.

While you’re at it, you might as well check out the Neoclassical Natatorium and the Waikiki Wall. While you’re at it, take a stroll down the promenade, which features a gorgeous oceanfront view.


If you are planning to visit Queen’s Beach, it’s important to find the best parking for your vehicle. During the summer months, this beach can be very busy. There is not much parking to choose from, though. You can park in the lot near the beach or along Kalakaua Avenue. The fee is only 10 kuna for an entire day. However, if you have a large vehicle, you will be charged a minimum of $200 for the entire season.

For your convenience, you can also rent a dressing cabin. This is a great way to enjoy the beach without having to worry about putting on wet clothes. The bathing area is natural, and you can take a dip in the water and soak your legs in the mud bath.

One of the best things about Queen’s Surf Beach is the calm atmosphere. It’s not as popular as Waikiki Beach, but it’s a great alternative if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. Another great feature is the fact that the sand is soft and warm.

If you’re looking for a place to go surfing, you may be disappointed. The waves at Queen’s Beach aren’t as strong as those at Waikiki. Nonetheless, the sand is perfect for beginners and families with young children.

If you aren’t ready to get on the beach, there are several activities to do in the area. Besides surfing, you can go on a boogie board. In the evening, you can attend a free movie on the beach. Afterwards, you can have dinner at a small restaurant. Some people like to bring their own food. A trip to Kapi’olani Beach Park is also recommended. Located next to the Honolulu Zoo, it offers plenty of green space to relax.

There are several other parks to explore in and around the city. For instance, you can check out the Gateway National Recreation Area, which has no entrance fees. Or you can go to the Waikiki Shell amphitheater, which hosts concerts and events. While you are in the area, you can take a tour of the Honolulu Zoo.

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